Astantine Art Masterpost (SPN-J2-BB)

Fic title: Astantine
Author name: zubeneschamali
Artist name: necrora
Link to fic: To the awesome story
Art @ tumblr, if you're into that

Holy shit where has the time gone Okay! This summer I was the lucky person who snatched zubenschamali's awesome sci-fi action love story, at which you must post-haste arrive, if you haven't already availed yourself upon its magnificence or its equally fantastic prequel.

I know I have a weakness for picking up sci-fi stories (both of my last year's lovely big bangs come to mind), and I'm so glad I've kept that tradition up. I've also kept up the tradition of, you know, working till last minute and regretting every single colour-trigger choices I've made, because you can beat the overabundant overlays out of a girl but you can't breat the colour-happiness out, apparently.

Slight spoilers ahead for the story!

Cue epic walk-away from explosions

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Or do I not
I am already months behind other fandom shenanigans I owe people
I am no longer capable of painting all night like I used to
I am panting under the piles of RL shit that's been accumulating
I should sign up

this is my tiny moleskin journal

Been trying to art a lot--a lot, a lot, I'm drawing every night, and it's just shit. Not that I lack things I should be drawing, or things I want to draw, but either way the result is utter uninspirational. Not sure--been like this for the past two months at least--whether I should stop doing challenges for now. Just feel pretty guilty, yeah?

But anyways, that means a lot of Netflix in the late, late hours--and that means a lot of shitty movies, too! This time brought by a sudden onset of Cherik, which somehow translates into movies with Fassbender and McAvoy, I don't know why.

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I've begun to mix white wine with red bull

dean try not to cry

'Tis the season for everyone to be busy, and nobody's sleeping. So! I got a twitter @necrorally. Mostly keeping for myself awake at odd hours and randomly posting WIP art.

Okay, mostly for stalking people. So please come say hi, so I know who to stalk.

Bend My Finger Back (Snap) Art Masterpost

001 final_800px

Written for 2014 samdean_otp SamDean OTP minibang.

Author name: viviansface
Artist name: necrora
Genre: wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Word count: 11.5k
Warnings: AU, medically incorrect stuff, underage (Dean 19, Sam 17; in a flashback Dean 17, Sam 15), mental illness, trauma, angst, mentions of minor character death (in the past),[the next warning is a plot twist; please read only if you absolutely must]major character death (also in the past)

Summary: Dean is only seventeen when he hits his lowest, losing his mother in a fire. After that, his family seems to fall apart -- his father is suddenly distant, and between therapy sessions and trying to struggle through each day, Dean and his brother Sam grow apart as well, even though they used to be more than close before the fire. It takes Dean two years to grow tired of this and decide to do something about his life for once... but there's no telling whether his decisions are the right ones and whether they will eventually lead to the happiness he desires.


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Fic: Pericynthion, Part 1

Author name: necrora
Artist name: soserendipity
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess
Rating: M
Word count: 10k
Warnings: Canon character deaths (Jessica Moore), swearing, excruciatingly incorrect science waved away as futuristic technology

John Winchester is a world-famous astrophysicist whose work was vital in creating mankind’s first extraterrestrial colony; as rumor has it, he went quite mad when his wife died in a freak fire during an experiment. Following a father obsessed with the anomaly that killed Mary Winchester, Dean and Sam grew up moving from lab to lab, groomed on a rigid regime of astronautics and quantum mechanics. Sam left that life behind when he went to Stanford, along with memories of his older brother and the rejection of that one haunting midsummer night. But just as Sam was beginning to think he’d escaped his father’s grand design, Dean shows up at his doorsteps with those inexorable words that send the threads of Sam’s time colliding:

“Dad’s on an experiment. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

Link to fic
Link to art
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